Building Blocks, Inc.

Speech & Occupational Therapy Services for Children in Naples, FL.

Pediatric Services We Offer

Speech Therapy

Improving your child’s communication skills through assessment and training and building valuable social skills.

Occupational Therapy

Developing your child’s daily living and self-care skills to help them become more engaged.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

We aim to help your child build communication skills to last their lifetime.

Our speech therapy plans work towards recovering from speech impairments and also improving social communication and awareness.

Speech / Language Evaluation

Articulation Therapy

Early Language / Late Talkers

Reading / Phonological Awareness

Social Communication and Pragmatics

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Training (AAC)

Executive Functioning

What We Do

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Our specifically tailored activities will lead your child to an independent and active life.

We help develop children’s daily life skills including basic tasks mastery, focused attention, and self-regulation.  


Development of Fine Motor / Visual Motor Skills


Activities of Daily Living / Self Care Skills


Executive Functioning


Sensory Processing / Motor Planning


Developmental Delay Improvements

In-Network Insurance Companies


Sunshine (CMS 19, CMS 21 only & children 0-3 years old)


Vivida Health


Humana ( FL Medicaid Only)


Florida Medicaid






Tricare ( Humana )


Gardinar Scholarship

Benefits of Building Blocks, Inc.

Personalized Therapy

A comprehensive assessment will be given to tailor a personalized plan including therapy exercises and sessions according to your child’s needs.

Affordable Private Rates

We provide valuable pediatric therapy without breaking the bank. Reach out to us to learn more about our pricing.  


Experienced Staff

Our therapists are well-trained in providing pediatric therapy and continuously train to further enhance their skills and expertise.

Integrated Services

If you need any of our other services and we’ll build an integrated plan for a complete treatment for your child.

Charlene Westman – Owner


Building Blocks, Inc.

Building Blocks Inc. was established by Charlene Westman with the goals of providing affordable and quality pediatric therapy in Naples.

The therapists in our team are well-experienced with children and consistently fine-tune their skills with continuous training and education.

Our pediatric care is founded with the dedication to providing therapy in a fun and positive environment for your child. 





Yo estoy super feliz con los resultados de la terapia del habla y ocupacional para
mis dos hijos Juan-Pablo y Tadeo. Ellos están muy contentos de asistir a Building
Blocks, Inc. y esperan con ansias sus sesiones. Los terapeutas les han ayudado
tanto con el habla que ahora pueden socializarse más con otros niños. Como
madre, no puedo estar más feliz con los resultados. Los terapeutas son súper
amables y más importante, muy comprensivos en todos los sentidos. En general,
cada persona que trabaja allí es increíble. Recomiendo a Building Blocks, Inc. al

Silvia C.

The staff at Building Blocks has played a vital role in the growth and development
of our son. They’ve been great resource over the years and most importantly
works as a crucial part of an overall team between different therapists, family, and

Val D.

I am super happy with the Speech and Occupational therapy results for my two kids Juan-Pablo and Tadeo. They are very happy to attend Building Blocks, Inc and look forward to their sessions. The therapists there have helped them so much with their speech that now they are able to socialize more with other kids. As a mother I am Ecstatic with the results. The therapists there are super nice and most importantly very understanding in every way. In general, every person that works there is amazing. I recommend Building Blocks, Inc. 100%.

Silvia C.

My daughter, who is on the autism spectrum, has been seeing Charlene at Building Blocks for three years. She has made tremendous progress in speech and communication. Charlene is kind and patient, and deeply understands how to best communicate with her. She not only works with my daughter on skills at her appointments, but teaches me how to help her with these skills at home.

Alison B.

We have had our 2 grandchildren attending therapy there for 5 years. One of them has autism and the other ADHD. The therapists have helped these two so much. They are caring people and have become like family! We have seen wonderful results!

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