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Our therapy plans are personalized with your child’s unique needs in mind.

All our plans are customized from a complete assessment done on your initial appointment with our therapists.

Let us know which of our therapy services is in your child’s best interest.

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-Language Pathologists can treat a variety of communication disorders in therapy, such as articulation deficits, language delays, feeding and challenges with social pragmatics. Therapy is highly individualized and based on the needs of each child that are determined during a Speech/Language Evaluation.

Speech / Language Evaluation

Before therapy can begin, a complete will identify the specific areas of communication or feeding needs. Evaluation will include a review of your child’s clinical history and use of specific assessment tools depending on what challenges may be presented. Once the initial evaluation is completed, treatment will focus on those specific individualized areas of need for your child.

Executive Functioning

Executive functioning skills include those cognitive skills required to plan and achieve goals. These skills include proficiency in adaptable thinking, planning, self-monitoring, self-control, working memory, time management, and organization.

Articulation Therapy

Some children have speech that is difficult to understand. This may be due to challenges with perception or production of speech sounds. Articulation therapy addresses the specific challenges that children have in the production of speech sounds.

Augmentative / Alternative Communication Training (AAC)

Augmentative/Alternative Communication can help those who may be challenged to communicate due to disabilities including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, or other developmental disabilities.

Reading / Phonological Awareness

Reading and writing are written language skills. Children with reading deficits/dyslexia are primarily challenges in language. When evaluating reading deficits, it is critical to assess phonological awareness skills including word awareness, segmentation (the ability to identify the sounds in a word), blending (the ability to blend sounds together to make words) and substitution (the ability to manipulate sounds within word to make new words.) Evaluation of phonological awareness skills can identify potential challenges with reading that may or may not be apparent.

Social Communication and Pragmatics

Pragmatic language refers to the usage of communication skills, including the ability think about the thoughts, emotions, or intentions of a social partner, and respond based on that information. Work on social communication and pragmatics is common for children with Autism as well as children with other communication challenges.

Early Language / Late Talkers

Some children are slower to develop their language milestones. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association lists these milestones here: MILESTONES
Identification of language delays at an early age is critical for optimal development.

Occupational Therapy

Engagement in occupational therapy improves a child’s ability to successfully participate in their environment(s). This includes home, school, and the community.  

Skilled occupational therapists at our practice, provide intervention that increases a child’s strength, motor planning, self-regulation, sensory processing, fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, and visual motor integration.

Development of Fine Motor / Visual Motor Skills

Exercises that enhance a child’s ability to coordination the muscles of their body with their eyes. Enables improved handwriting, grasp, and operation of small objects.

Activities of Daily Living / Self-Care Tasks

Instruction in basic skills, including dressing, manipulating fasteners, and using utensils.

Executive Functioning

Cognitive skills training to increase planning, organization, retention of information, and attention to a task.

Sensory Processing / Motor Planning

Strategies that increase a child’s integration of sensory information and ability to regulate their bodies. Activities to coordinate muscle movements.

Developmental Delay Improvements

Activities and practices that overcome developmental delays.

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